Sailing Resume for Jack Schooley
(as of 13 May 2014)

1964 to 1967 Sailing on Barnegat Bay, NJ.

1967 to 1972 Sailing classes at the Surf City Yacht Club on Barnegat Bay NJ. Optimus Pram racing. Sunfish racing. Lightning racing. Extensive daysailing.

1973 to 1983 Regular cruising aboard 34' full-keel, heavy displacement wood ketch. Mostly coastal, some offshore overnight. Family owned and maintained sailboat.

1978 to 1981 Regular daysailing aboard 15' Windmill class wood sailboat (similar to a lightning). I owned and maintained this boat.

1984 to 1995 Races (~250), cruises (~20), and daysailing in Rhodes-designed 20' sloop. One to two-week cruises were in New England, New Jersey, Florida Keys, Texas, Idaho, and WA (Puget Sound). I owned and maintained this boat.

1985 Two week cruise to Cape Cod, Nantucket, and Martha's Vineyard about 20' sloop. I owned and maintained this boat (same boat as above).

1986 Chartered 28' sloop in San Francisco Bay (3 days)

1989 Attended 2-day Cruising World sponsored Safety-at-Sea seminar at the US Naval Academy.

1989 One week charter in Florida Keys aboard 28' sloop

1990 and 1991 Charter 36' Sabre sloop (master) in Chesapeake Bay (two weeks each year).

1993 Completed full semester (36 classes) of US Navy Navigation class taught by the chief navigator aboard the Nimitz. Class covered every aspect of piloting and navigation (including celestial). I was #1 in the class among 28 cadets (I attended as a civilian).

1997 Forty-two day single-handed voyage from near Skagway, AK to Port Townsend, WA via Glacier Bay and the Inside Passage aboard 18' canoe-yawl (William Garden 'Eel' design). Daysailing in San Juan Islands. I owned and maintained this boat.

1998 Completed three classes offered by the North Pacific Fishing Vessel Owner's Association (NPFVOA) safety program in Seattle. Classes were in survival at sea, deck operations, and first aid. Hands on training in and on the water.

1998-2003 More than 700 days at sea performing scientific data analysis, and some deck work, aboard marine survey ships world-wide. 3 jobs were more than 100 days each and crossed oceans.

2006-2014 Approximately 200 days sailing currently owned boat in the Strait of Juan de Fuca, Strait of Georgia, Puget Sound, Gulf Islands, and San Juan Islands.

I am a detail-oriented and safety-conscious person, and I pilot and navigate carefully. I have sailed in challenging situations in a broad range of sailboats, and have never incurred any damage to the boats or injuries to myself or my crew.