Morning in Port San Juan, a big open harbor at the west end of the Strait of Juan de Fuca. If winds are from the southwest, the big Pacific Ocean swell comes right through this very open harbor. But here, behind these rocks named 'Wood's Nose' it's a calm, foggy sunrise.

Deb raised anchor and turned on the automatic fog horn as we headed into this fogbank on our way across the Strait to Neah Bay. The fog was with us for 3-or-so miles as we began a glorious sail with plenty of wind and the big, gentle Pacific Ocean swell.

I had goose-bumps riding the swell. It feels like the water is the skin on a living being, and the swell is caused by breathing. It contributes to a feeling of our own insignificance in the universe.

Have'nt been at sea for 11 years.