Race Rocks might be the most impressive place I've been, ever. The rocks and lighthouse are offshore of Vancouver Island (Canada) with the Olympic Mountains (USA) 20 miles away, in the background.

There is an extreme tidal current race here (hence the name) between these rocks and Vancouver Island (behind the cameraman).

I highly respect the many sunken rocks among the rips and whirlpools, and find the views exceptional. I've seen whirlpools that are identical to the funnel-shaped one in a toilet, except that they are 100 feet in diameter and the surface of the water is 5 feet deeper in the center than near the edge. Seeing one up close makes you wish you were somewhere else, though they are also really interesting phenomenon

It's a deceptively welcoming passage.....maybe because of the beautiful setting. I always approach it smiling and then find myself looking back at it with my hair standing on end, thinking of a smarter way to go through the race.